Bloggers are invited to share their blogs with us. Only travel blogs will be accepted. Bloggers have the option that they can either upload image or blog or both.

A Solo Rider is searching for travel enthusiasts who have a knack for grabbing the audience by their words. Let’s do it together collaborate with us and join our hands for an experience of a lifetime. Be a part of “A Solo Rider” family.

Guidelines for Submission

  • For blog submission files format are allowed word file, pdf file, csv file.
  • size of the file for blog should be under 10 MB
  • For uploading an image, files format should be JPG files, PNG files, and GIF files.
  • Size of the image file should not exceed 10 MB
  • If any blogger wants to upload more than 1 blog or image than they have to submit the form separately for each blog and image after uploading the previous one.

NOTE: It should be noted that the content of the blog and the image which they are uploading is not subject to copyright. All the images and content of the blog are of the bloggers own work.